November 18, 2016

Back to Work and Loving It!

Well, I've been fairly healthy for the last couple of weeks and so have gone back to working at the HOP!  I'm so thankful that I have been healthy for my last month in Uganda.  It feels so good to be back at school, loving on people, serving, and just spending quality time in these last weeks!  I really learned a lot in the month that I was sick and am so thankful for the little things in life, like having the strength to leave my compound.  Just yesterday, was the first day my throat wasn't in a lot of pain from all the coughing and I was able to sing praises and prayers to the Lord during our daily lunch hour service!  It was so wonderful to be able to do that!  I have been able to pick back up with discipling my girls at the school and the Lord has really blessed our conversations these last couple of weeks!  I have been sad that I haven't been able to meet with them as regularly as I wanted and yet, the Lord is still working in their lives and what He wants to accomplish is not dependent on me.  Praise the Lord for that!

In these last weeks here, my hope and prayer is that God would enable me to minister to people right up until I leave and that I will be fully aware of the things He has for me to do here and have them be brought to completion.  I will be arriving in the US in two weeks and feel so unready to bring this chapter of my life to a close.  My one fear in coming was that I would feel like I finally got a feel for the place and really getting into what I'm doing and then would have to return home.  It's happening and it's not fun.  But I am choosing to just enjoy and relish these last weeks and find the things that I am looking forward to in returning home.  I feel as though I could stay here for a long time and love it but I know the Lord has something I need to do in the States.  As I look forward to hopefully joining Task School in Atlanta, my mind is full of wonderings about what this next year and a half will hold and where I will end up.